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JinkoSolar integrates advanced polycrystalline solar PV technologies to optimize the entire power plant, resulting in more reliable, dependable, and cost effective PV energy solutions.

Originally starting from upstream, JinkoSolar has accumulated unparalleled know-how in the development and production of wafer and solar cells, we know more about the "engine" of a photovoltaic system than peers. JinkoSolar has been continuously investing in the development of new solar technologies to further increase yields and cost reductions.

We work closely together with scientific experts, renowned universities and research institutions to ensure that we're standing on the cutting edge.

Developed unique technological innovations to protect products against potential-induced degradation, hot spots.

Developed higher efficient 60-cell polycrystalline solar panels of maximum power 285watts, one of the highest available in market now.

The R&D results and insights we gain are directly transferred to mass production, then translated into benefits to customers to deliver the real commercial value of R&D.