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The Classic Poly Panel for Universal Application

JKM285P-60, the best sold and competitively priced polycrystalline modules of this kind offers exceptional value, reliability and energy output while reducing overall system costs. With output up to 270Wp, superior low light performance as well as weather resistant reliability, it is renowned for its outstanding performance ratio and yield in kWh/kW (according to Photon Lab’s Outdoor Module Test). It is a classic poly module suitable for all applications from residential rooftop, commercial, public building, agricultural and industrial flat roofs to large scale ground-mounted solar plants.


Technical Data

Type Polycrystalline 60-cell Module
Output Up to 285Wp
Efficiency Up to 17.41%
Junction Box IP67
Weight 19.0 kg
Temp. Coefficients of Pmax -0.38%/℃


Most cost competitively poly module of this kind in the market

A wide range of applications and a geographic universal series

Maximize kWh/kw generation through best-in-class conversion efficiency up to 17.41%

Optimize surface texturing to maximize current

Superior performance as spectrum changes

Superior low light intensity performance