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Location: Main entrance of the mining company Dayton in La Coipa-La Laja, Lote 1- A, Andacollo, Chile.

End customer: Dayton Mining company & Spot energy market.

EPC: Solaire Direct, Chile

System Capacity: 1.2 MW

Product: JKM300M-72

Number of panels: 4000 pieces

Energy saved: 2,605,200 kWh per year

JinkoSolar Supplies 1.2 MW to SolaireDirect for a Project in Chile

JinkoSolar today announced that it has supplied 1.2 MW solar PV modules to SolaireDirect Chile, an Independent Power Producer using solar energy based in Chile. The project began commercial operations in June, 2013.

Located in the high mountainous deserts of Chile´s Fourth Region, the project provides energy to both mining companies and the Chilean spot energy market through the Chilean Central Interconnected System. This project generates enough energy to meet the requirements of between 1,200 and 1,800 local households. The solar plant is remotely supervised and operated, with regularly scheduled maintenance and inspection by SolaireDirect's skilled operators.

"We chose JinkoSolar due to their technological leadership in the global solar PV industry and long-term commitment to sustainable development. We are proud to support the Chilean government in their endeavor to bring clean power to Chile, allowing them attain energy security,This partnership reiterates our action plan of providing utility scale solar solutions."

Royal Smith

Operations Director of SolaireDirect Chile