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Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Owner: Bendigo health Care Group and Examplar Health

System Capacity: 200 KW

Product: JKM260PP-60

Number of panels: 770 pieces

Commissioned: May 2016

New Bendigo Hospital 200KW System

The Bendigo Hospital Project is the largest regional hospital development in Victoria. The site was built by Lend Lease, a leading Australian based global property developer. Jinko Solar supplied 770pcs JKM260PP Eagle modules to this project. Autonomous has worked with Lend Lease on a range of construction projects that deliver world class commercial solar systems. Lend Lease engaged Autonomous Energy through a competitive tender process to design, supply, install and commission the 200kW solar PV system at the new Bendigo Hospital.

Public hospitals have high energy consumption compared with other commercial buildings making the cost and environmental benefits of onsite solar power generation simply too significant to ignore. The client’s aim was to build a world class quality public health facility and one of the essential components of the Bendigo Hospital Project is environmental sustainability. Bendigo Hospital chose to install the largest solar system on the available roof space so that on site clean energy power generation could be maximized.


The client required modules from a leading Tier 1 manufacturer, and Jinko Solar fitted the bill perfectly.  Jinko Solar Australia provided logistics support for the project from its Brisbane and Sydney offices and staged the supply via its Melbourne warehouse.


Bendigo Hospital undertook a comprehensive tender process, which recommended Autonomous Energy due to it offering the best solution whilst also remaining cost competitive. Autonomous Energy has a proven record in delivering solar in large, complicated construction projects that require a high degree of project management and engineering expertise.


Autonomous Energy was engaged early in the design stages and Autonomous Energy’s engineering team worked closely with the architect and builder to design and install the system. The design went through several iterations to ensure optimal renewable energy generation is achieved whilst addressing the challenge of locating many services in the same roof area. Web based solar data monitoring and integration with the hospital’s BMS was also provided.

The system is expected to offset a minimum of 328 tonnes CO2 per year.