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Location: California, America

PartnerJKB Energy

System capacity: 2.3 MW

Number of panels: 4,462pieces

Carbon Emission Reduced2,830 tons tons

JinkoSolar Supplies 2.3 MW to California Almond Producers

 JinkoSolar supplied JKB Energy (“JKB”) with 2.3 MW of photovoltaic (“PV”) modules for 17 almond farms in California, United States. JKB will provide project development and EPC services.

The projects demonstrate the attractiveness of solar systems applied in agricultural settings. Almond hulling facilities in Roos Ranches and Northern Merced Hulling Association have installed two major systems which will generate approximately 362kW and 910kW, respectively. Solar power will be used to supply the energy needed for almond hulling, shelling, and storage operations. The other 15 projects are expected to generate approximately 20kW to 109 kW each on well pumps that irrigate almond trees.

1,270 JinkoSolar solar modules have been installed on the hull storage barn and atop the elevated solar structure in Roos Ranches where it will generate enough power to save 86.2% of the ranches’ annual electricity bill. The installation in Northern Merced Hulling Association will use 3,192 JinkoSolar solar modules will generate enough power to save 68% of the Association’s annual electricity bill. The 2.3 MW used in these projects will reduce carbon emissions by 2830 tons annually.

“We are proud to be serving a customer base that provides food for families all over the world while acting as progressive and sustainable stewards of our local lands.”

 Jayson Moser

VP of Design and Procurement of JKB Energy