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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Project Completion: November, 2011

System Type: Roof Mounted Power Plant

Total System Size: 1.2 MW DC

PV modules used: 5292 Jinko 230W module

Racking System: Clenergy PV-ezRack SolarMatrix Pro

Inverters: Power One

Estimated annual production: 1,866,148 kWh

Environmental benefits, over 25 years

The Dependable Companies


Established in 1950, The Dependable Companies began operations with one bobtail truck. Today, the company is one of the world’s leading providers of trucking, warehousing, freight forwarding and airfreight solutions. Throughout its history, the family-owned Dependable Companies has garnered a strong reputation for its excellence in leader-ship, its innovation in the logistics industry, and its deep commitment to making a positive impact in the Los Ange-les community.

 Commitment to Sustainability

 Due to its special coastal zone topography, a more detailed vulnerability assessment was carried out before project designing. The construction site is close to harbour,inducing the adverse effect of salt mist corrosive atmosphere as well as much higher humidity and wind load than conventional site. Therefore, it called for special corrosion resistance requirement for main component selection and treatment.