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Stable and Sustained Growth

JinkoSolar is unique because of its proven track record of scalability and capital efficient business model. The Company's business and financial result in 2019 were one of the best in its history, with record high sales of 14.3 GW solar panels, making Jinko No.1. in terms of shipments for the 4th consecutive year in a row, providing not only earnings stability but also earnings growth. Each of its business segment delivered a strong performance, which shaped Jinkosolar over the last ten years to derive a greater share of market, sales, customers and revenue from relatively stable business. These relatively stable factors enable JinkoSolar to consistently rank as a solar industry leader. 

JinkoSolar has been named a BloombergNEF Tier 1 module manufacturer for eight consecutive years, which is one of the longest runs of any manufacturer. 

Solid Track Record

Jinkosolar has the largest customer base, a diversified market, and a solid track record. To date, the company has shipped 52 GW of its modules in the last 8 years to more than 2100 customers in 100 countries. In addition, Jinkosolar enjoys strong global network effect by offering integrated local services with the largest coverage of developers, distributors, dealers and users.  

12 Times World Records

Despite the increasingly complex and difficult challenge to continue achieving Moore's Law, which calls for a 10 watt output enhancement every half year, JinkoSolar has invested the necessary resources in R&D to achieve first-to-market  leading technologies, which give customers the edge needed to build successful projects.

Agile and Fast Go-to Market

Agility, resilience and strength underpinJinkosolar’s success in building things to respond to the market environments appropriately. In the past year and a half, Jinkosolar announced capacity shifting from poly to mono as it saw opportunities for mono growth, and it is excited by the result this shifting presents. Rarely does an individual company of 20GW scale fundamentally complete it within such short period. This capacity transition is best done when it fill in a specific gap with equipment or talent, or when it provides a mechanism for bringing together parts of the resources which when combined allow Jinkosolar to compete very effectively.

The Efficient and Resilient Supply Chain

Solar is a capital intensive industry with high expectations for power roadmap and customizations. In addition to efficient production, an agile and responsive supply chain is necessary to keep customers happy. Jinkosolar adeptly manages production centers in 3 countries, including hundreds of workshops, dozens of new and emerging products and technologies, hundreds of suppliers and partners, and thousands of upstream materials to serve one of the largest customer base dispersed on over 100 countries with a variety of requirements.

Jinkosolar's flexibility in assuring sufficient supply for a diverse customer base, delivering on-time, providing in-house technical service, customizing its product to optimize customers’ investment performance ratio, and making manufacturing excellence are Jinkosolar's core values.

Best-in-class production cycle and delivery time

Our customers depend heavily on our ability to deliver products with a short lead time. JinkoSolar's production time is one of the most competitive compared to peers in the solar PV industry. Our Shangrao and Jacksonville smart factories continue to break cycle time records, thanks to integrated planning systems and a high degree of automation.

JinkoSolar has a proven record of providing customers with consistent on-time delivery. It has re-engineered its demand fulfillment system and has developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing planning and dispatching system that further enhances the accuracy of deliveries. JinkoSolar's demand for accuracy requires that deliveries are neither too late nor too early, as both could possibly affect customers’ project deployment.

Futuristic and Visionary

JinkoSolar's smart factories are a key part of its manufacturing excellence, and will continue to grow more important
in the future. Currently, JinkoSolar operates two smart factories located in Shangrao(China) and Jacksonville(USA). These advanced facilities attain lower operating costs by achieving near 100 percent automation, such as real-time wafer dispatching, a search engine optimizing route for Automated Materials Handling Systems (AMHS), full automation of production wafers, artificial intelligence at EL and soldering stations, and lean work-in-progress control. It will continue to be the focus of our capacity expansion in the near future.

Robust Quality Certified

In 2019, JinkoSolar again ranks as a“Top Performer”in the DNV-GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard, its fifth consecutive time. The Company also won the All Quality Matters Award from TÜV Rheinland for the fifth time, ranking first in testing conducted for the mono group.


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