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JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that it has executed an agreement to supply approximately one gigawatt of its high efficiency n-type bifacial Tiger Neo solar panels to China Datang Corporation to power its six utility-scale solar projects located in Hunan and Guangxi province.

This is the first time that Datang implements Tiger Neo n-type modules in its large-scale projects, which will lay a solid foundation to encourage Datang and other top power producers speed up shifting from p-type towards the next generation of n-type products. Because of Tiger Neo's leading-edge high-efficiency and high power output, testing verified performance and reliability, Datang is comfortable and confident that Tiger Neo panels are able to deliver the optimal energy output and better LCOE compared to p-type panels.

In addition to rated efficiency of up to 21.68%, lower temperature coefficient and lower degradation minimize power loss from exposure to extreme environmental conditions. "We are pleased to supply China Datang Corporation for its iconic project, which will be Datang’s first and one of the largest operational solar power systems adopting n-type technology in China when completed," said Dany Qian, VP of Jinkosolar. "The size and importance of this project is yet another example of how utility-scale customers have accelerated transition towards n-type product and how they trust our Tiger Neo for their solar power projects and around the world. With obvious better high-output performance and testing-proven reliability, utility-scale plant owners and operators can maximize power generation and benefit from predicable better returns on their investment for at least 30 years."

The reasons why select Tiger Neo

*State-of-art Technology & Affordability:

Thanks to the scale of JinkoSolar, N-type Tiger Neo has been recognized as the most affordable & desirable solar panel for your PV projects.

* Improved High-Temperature Performance:

Once the temperature a solar module operates in increases, the power output of the solar module will decline. Tiger Neo modules have a much lower temperature co-efficient compared to conventional PERC modules, which results in higher power output in a region with a hot climate.

* Excellent Low Light Performance:

In areas where sunlight is weakened by such factors as inclement weather and the earth's tilt, Tiger Neo modules have excellent low light performance to take as full advantage of solar power as possible under substandard conditions.

* Enhanced Performance Warranty:

Tiger Neo modules comes with an enhanced performance warranty. After 30 years of use, the Tiger Neo is guaranteed to provide at least 87.4% of initial performance. 

* Low LID:

The Light Induced Degradation (LID) and LeTID of Tiger Neo is extremely low when compared with the standard P-type cells.

* Strong Track Record & Proven Field Performance:

As one of the world’s Tier1 solar manufacturers, JinkoSolar has supplied over 100GW of high-efficiency solar panels to over 170 countries, more than any other brands to date.


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