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“There’s never been a time in history that the whole world is facing one same insurmountable challenge - warming climate. There’s never been a war that nobody will win if anyone loses- a war against climate change. There’s never been a future that is down counted, like now. There’s never been so critical that the decision you make now will determine the fate of all. “

JinkoSolar submitted its knowledge proposal to B20 Indonesia:

1. Advancing inclusion through clean energy jobs. A solar-powered civilization is the future, and the transition to a clean energy economy could help address economic inclusion challenges from the national to the local level by involving hundreds of unique new occupations.  These occupations represent a range of workplace responsibilities, from jobs unique to the energy sector to support services found throughout the broader economy - suggesting the existence of distinct barriers to encourage innovative solar+ plus business and ESG combined model to create more new extra jobs.

2. Collaborate on innovations to unlock equitable solar in underserved and under-developed countries or regions. The public and private sectors should work collaboratively to ensure that the benefits of solar energy can be shared by all, for example, developing solar financing mechanisms and frameworks, implementing solar-plus-storage in underserved communities, and fostering new practices.

3. Solar-adopted new solutions to address new challenges. For instance, solar-adopted desert greenish and ecological recovery, solar-adopted poverty relief, and solar-powered hydrogen production.

4. Within the solar energy industry itself, a sense of urgency is required to couple rapid deployment and associated R&D. The targeted R&D cooperation is needed across nations focusing on complementary technologies, such as energy storage, grid integration, solar hydrogen production, power to gas/liquids, and multiple sector electrification.

“Solar, the equitable energy resource today is also the most affordable. A solar-powered civilization is the future. Sustainability is for the first time beyond profitability to be the reason of business, every economy, company, and organization should redesign their operation from an ESG point of view,” said Dany Qian, VP of JinkoSolar

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