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On May 24, JinkoSolar, the innovative PV company in the world, presented its Tiger Neo series of high-efficiency modules, Jingcai BIPV products series and intelligent ESS at SNEC 2023 in Shanghai.

As a global PV leader, JinkoSolar's accumulative shipments exceeded 150GW as of the first quarter of 2023, ranking first in the global market. It is also the first PV company in the industry to break the 150GW shipment milestone. Jinko's self-developed N-type modules have broken conversion efficiency records 22 times, with cell lab efficiency reaching 26.40% and mass production efficiency exceeding 25.40%.

Tiger Neo Series High Efficiency PV Modules

Ultimate Power Generation   Top Choice for Efficiency

SNEC 2023 exhibits five N-type module products, which fit the characteristics of the global residential rooftop market and customer preferences in different regions, with multiple scenarios adapted. Currently, they have been applied to many utility projects and distribution projects at domestic and overseas.

JinkoSolar's self-developed high-efficiency N-type cells have the advantages of "three highs and four lows": high efficiency, high power generation, high bifacial factors; low degradation, low temperature coefficiency, low BOS, and low LOCE. JinkoSolar has conducted a lot of experiments on N-type modules, combined with the generation data from clients, which fully support that N-type modules have at least 3% gain in power generation with the same DC side capacity, and the gain is higher than 3% in actual application. With the lower BOS cost, it can bring significant revenue index optimization in the economic revenue model and bring 0.2 RMB/W premium to the module.

The new generation Tiger Neo series 182N-72 version modules reach a maximum power of 620W, with a power generation efficiency exceeding 23%, and optimized first-year degradation, linear degradation and temperature coefficient, and are expected to achieve mass production in Q1 2024.

JinkoSolar's New Intelligent PV+ESS System

 The trendsetter of PV+ESS market 

In this exhibition, JinkoSolar brought a new generation of power storage systems, including commercial and industrial SunGiga and grid-side SunTera, to provide clean energy solutions for different scenarios.

The new generation of large liquid-cooling energy storage system SunTera adopts standard 20-foot container structure, featuring high efficiency liquid cooling, ultimate safety, optimal cost and intelligent operation and maintenance, which can meet the application requirements of different environments and can be flexibly applied to energy storage projects in different scenarios.

SunGiga is designed for industrial and commercial energy storage, including 1000V and 1500V voltage levels, withstring modular PCS, supporting multi-unit parallel connection function. The integrated design makes it highly integrated, easy to be expanded and intelligently monitored to ensure the safety of the battery system, ensuring the safety and reliability of the battery while making it have a longer life. 

JinkoSolar BIPV Series Products

Leading the way in PV green building aesthetics

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (i.e. BIPV) is a new type of photovoltaic product that is low-carbon and environmentally friendly and helps to save energy in buildings.

It can greatly enhance the practical and aesthetic value of buildings and provide customers with renewable energy and long-term economic benefits. At SNEC, JinkoSolar brought rooftop BIPV products and PV curtain wall products, allowing those who are concerned about PV building integration to enjoy the latest technological innovation of JinkoSolar in Shanghai.

JinkoSolar Jincai BIPV has the ultimate safety performance, waterproof and anti-wind, lightning and hail resistant, reaching class A fireproof. It utilized is high strength toughened glass, installation, operation and maintenance friendly. It also provides customers with a 30-year linear power warranty and material warranty, without the need for secondary roof replacement, escorting the entire life cycle. At the same time, JinkoSolar BIPV products with N-type modules for efficient power generation have the economic advantage with low cost and high yield.

JinkoSolar's curtain wall products have a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance and can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers, so that the PV products can be more perfectly integrated into different application scenarios, making the building more balanced and uniform with a sense of fashion and beauty. In addition, the products are ideal for green buildings because of their high efficiency in power generation, design and practicality.


In the era of low-carbon economy, the global new energy industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the future, JinkoSolar will always adhere to vertical integration and innovative research and development to promote cost reduction and efficiency improvement with technological innovation, lead the industry's high-quality development, and contribute to the global economy's acceleration towards low-carbon sustainable development. 

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