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Recently, JinkoSolar, the world's leading solar and storage company, announced the successful grid connection of a 200 kW/430 kWh user-side energy storage system provided for the State Power Investment Corporation's Pingtan Comprehensive Smart Energy Demonstration Project.

The project is located within the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Given Pingtan's unique geographical position and its status as one of the first national smart pilot cities, this project serves as a significant demonstration, playing a crucial role in advancing the construction of Pingtan's smart city and fostering a shared homeland between the two shores.

The JinkoStorage team conducted an in-depth survey of the local conditions and configured the project with two sets of 100 kW/215 kWh SunGiga commercial and industrial liquid-cooled energy storage systems, resulting in a total system capacity of 200 kW/430 kWh. Each energy storage unit consists of 5 liquid-cooled battery packs, 1 high-voltage cabinet, and a 100 kW PCS, featuring integrated design for high integration, easy system expansion, and intelligent monitoring to ensure battery system safety.

One highlight of SunGiga is its liquid cooling system, which controls the battery temperature difference within 2.5°C, significantly improving charging and discharging efficiency and reducing the risk of system thermal runaway. Additionally, automatic State of Charge (SOC) calibration and coolant automatic replenishment technology substantially decrease system maintenance costs.

The JinkoSolar energy storage team conducted comprehensive economic calculations for the project, showing that peak-valley price difference arbitrage can yield satisfactory economic benefits. In different modes of one-charge-one-discharge and two-charge-two-discharge, the owner can achieve desirable economic returns.

JinkoSolar lives up to the expectations of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone by successfully providing a supporting user-side energy storage system for the Comprehensive Smart Energy Project. This not only showcases JinkoSolar's professional capabilities in the energy storage field but also injects new momentum into the construction of a new energy system in the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone.

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