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JinkoSolar, the global leading solar and ESS company today announced it has signed a contract with Jinan Fenghui Tech Co., Ltd. for a 20.64 MWh, utility-scale and on-grid liquid cooling energy storage system SunTera plus solar PV to be installed in Puritan, Fujian province.

The whole system consists of 6 sets of 3.44MWh JinkoSolar’s flagship liquid cooling containerized utility-scale ESS SunTera, which integrates the company’s core recirculating liquid cooling technology with other features including intelligent temperature control, cluster-level management, insulation monitoring and five-level safety protection, each enabling data sharing on cloud platform within the individual operating process, enhancing stability and efficiency.

One of the critical reasons that JinkoSolar’s Suntera to be selected for this large capacity project is its better energy storage thermal management system that improves the safety of whole project. 

Energy storage fire accidents occur frequently around the world, and the safety performance of energy storage needs to be upgraded urgently. Temperature is a key factor in battery safety performance and stability. The main manifestation is that high temperature will cause the internal materials of the battery to decompose, release a large amount of combustible gas and heat, and cause thermal runaway such as battery bulging, rupture, and aluminum foil melting, thus inducing safety accidents.


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